When you receive an alert for an IP prefix that is being monitored in your Portfolio, you will be able to access details about the alert, such as the duration of the asset’s degradation, peer observance, and routing changes.

II_Prefix_Alert_Overview The details of the alert will be displayed in the upper-left corner, including the start and end time of the alert, and the geographic location of the asset.
The Routing Timeline displays a visual representation of the routing changes, paths, peer observance, and geographic observance of the degradation.
Routing Changes – A visual representation of routing announcements during the time of the alert.
Routing Path – A visual representation of the routing topology during the time of the alert. Moving the slider across the timeline highlights when changes in topology occurred.
Origination – Highlights the originating ASN(s) for the given prefix.
Upstream 1 and 2 – Highlights the ASNs one or two hops away from the originating ASN(s), respectively.

Peer Observance – Percentage of Dyn’s peers that observed this routing edge during the time of the alert.
Geographic Observance – A visual representation of impacted geographic areas.