A domain registration goes through a few stages after it expires, which vary depending on the TLD:

  1. Renewal-Grace Period: For the first 30 days after a domain has expired, you may simply renew the domain registration as normal. Note: not all TLD’s have a Grace Period, instead they go right to the Redemption Period upon expiration.
  2. Redemption Period: After Renewal-Grace, an expired domain enters Redemption for up to 40 days. In this state, you may still renew the domain; however the registry charges a substantial fee for domain redemption equal to ten (10) times the standard renewal fee (example: a renewal fee of $15.00 USD equals a redemption fee of $150.00 USD). If your domain is in Redemption and you still wish to renew it, please contact Support.
  3. Pending Delete: After Redemption, a domain enters Pending Delete for up to seven days. At the end of Pending Delete, the domain registration is completely removed from the registry and may be created again as a brand new domain name. Domains in Pending Delete cannot be recovered.

Domain Redemption Support

Help with domain redemption is available over the phone or email. Please login to view the support page.