Businesses across the world are migrating to the cloud to improve IT agility, reduce infrastructure cost and accelerate the pace of innovation. While many are adopting a cloud-first strategy for new application development and shifting critical workloads, hybrid and multi-cloud environments are becoming the new normal.

This evolution of online infrastructure creates new performance, resiliency, visibility and security challenges for infrastructure and operations teams. At the very core of every cloud infrastructure is the domain name system, the central routing mechanism that connects your site’s name with the infrastructure that provides all your business value.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “How managing and optimizing your DNS can safeguard your IT operation and improve performance,” a live and interactive webcast about how your company can use some little-known DNS tricks to increase cloud performance and optimize your valuable time and resources.

Learn how to monitor your environment and build a disaster management strategy that allows for failover to a healthy endpoint, even while you’re sleeping.

Discover how to setup load balancing, route for speed and performance, and perform DNS maintenance on-demand, without having to wait for a ticket.

Explore how you can leverage your existing DNS with a secondary option that adds additional performance and reliability, and how you can protect your company from potentially malicious and destructive traffic.

Don’t miss “How managing and optimizing your DNS can safeguard your IT operation and improve performance.” Join Gary Sloper, VP of Global Sales Engineering & Customer Success at Dyn, and David Gewirtz, CBS Interactive’s Distinguished Lecturer and the author of “The Flexible Enterprise” in a lively discussion about how you can tap into the power of DNS to boost performance, protect your operations, and improve resilience.