DNSSEC is a system by which you can create a security signature on the DNS queries to your zone. This enables the querying system to verify that the information received is the correct DNS information based on the security signatures. Removing DNSSEC from your zone requires care to avoid unnecessary queries due to errors.

To Remove DNSSEC from your Zone – section 1

1.  Unregister the DS record from your domain registrar for this zone.Your domain registrar may have the ability to delete this information through their User Interface, or you may need to contact them for instructions on how to accomplish this step.
2. Wait 24 hours before proceeding.This will allow the removal of the DS record to propagate throughout the DNS network.

After waiting 24 hours, do the following steps.

To Remove DNSSEC from your Zone – section 2

1.  Click Overview or Manage DNS. Main menu bar
2.  Click Manage in the far right column for the domain you want to edit
3.  Click Zone Options on the menu bar. Zone Options Tab
4.  Click DNSSEC on the sub-menu bar. DNSSEC Tab in Zone Options
5.  Click Remove DNSSEC to delete the services from this zone.
Changes are saved automatically.