It is important to have the proper format for the date field in all API requests. We use basic ISO 8601 format for mixed date-time:

  • YYYY is the 4-digit year
  • MM is the 2-digit month (zero-padded)
  • DD is the 2-digit day (zero-padded)
  • T is a constant to indicate that the time follows
  • hh is the 2-digit hour (zero-padded)
  • mm is the 2-digit minute (zero-padded)
  • ss is the 2-digit second (zero-padded)

Note: All dates and times are stored and displayed in UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) timezone.

While the ISO 8601 standard does support some versions of timezone syntax, we recommend leaving timezones off all date/time parameter values. Dyn treats and stores all date/time values in UTC. Appending the time value with a “Z” is acceptable, as this indicates UTC; Dyn does not support the use of “-” and “+” timezone modifiers.