Welcome to Dynamic Network Services Inc. You’re probably here because you see a charge on your card that you don’t recognize, such as [DYN*DYN.COM/CHARGE 603-2961595].

Who are you? What do you do?

Dyn Inc. is a DNS provider and registrar. We offer services for home and small business users with Dyn Remote Access, and enterprise-level services with our Dyn Managed DNS platform.

Okay, so what’s the charge for?

Most charges are for Remote Access (formerly DynDNS Pro) which provide a special URL (hostname) to access your home network, VPN or remote devices such as security cameras. These hosts look like myhost.dyndns.org or myhost.homeip.net. You may also use our services to host DNS for your domain name or possibly our Email Relay service.

I still don’t recognize you.

Ask around your office if you are using a company credit card. Most likely, one of your coworkers bought services such as DNS for your company’s domain, or our Remote Access service for home/office VPN, security camera or other remote service access. Your IT staff should be able to identify the charge.

Where can I get an invoice for my records?

You can log into your Dyn account and view your order history here, where you will find a printable invoice for all of your past purchases. We also send invoices to the email address on file for your account; if this address is outdated, you can update your email address here. Need guidance? See how to access your invoice here.

How do I get a refund?

Typically, Oracle Dyn services are not eligible for refund: however, if you cancel your annual (or greater) purchase or renewal within 30 days you will automatically be refunded. We also encourage you to reach out to our billing support team at billing@dyn.com with any question about a charge or invoice. Note that you can change your auto-renew settings here.

I’m still not convinced, or I have further questions.

That’s okay – you can contact our billing team by email.  Please send the following information, so we can help you identify the purchase: date of the invoice, the invoice number, last 4 digits of the credit card number, and the credit card billing information.

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